Mission Statement

Western Quoll

Through passion and inspiration to protect our native species, I will assist my clients in removing invasive species of plants and pest animals. 

About Me


As a country lad I am passionate about protecting our natural environment for our future generations.  I have been an active shooter for over 30 years, starting out as a member of a big bore rifle club. Joining the local SSAA I was involved with running firearms safety training for the local Army cadets, also holding the position of range officer. It was through this connection I was invited to assist local land cares with fox baiting, rabbit and goat control programs in the bookmark biosphere reserve. As a volunteer I was also involved in surveying and monitoring of the local Mallee fowl populations. I obtained my diploma of conservation and land management and have been involved in monitoring programs with Australian Wildlife Conservancy. I have conducted native animal removal/relocation programs for private and government agencies.

What I Do


Based in the northern area of South Australia. I assist land holders, environmental groups, government agencies and the general public with the management of feral pest animals, native wildlife management and weed control programs. As a vertebrate pest controller I use an integrated approach when conducting pest animal control programs tailored to suit each situation. Also providing trap and release programs, native flora and fauna survey's and impact reports to assist with long term environmental management.

For domestic and commercial clients I provide bird proofing and removal, possum proofing and removal, cat containment systems and trapping of nuisance cats.