Cat Containment Systems


 Do you know where your precious kitty goes when you let it out? 

Do you know what it gets up to while its out and about? 

By allowing your cat to roam outside your property you expose it to the dangers of cat fights, dog attacks, being hit by cars as well as the potential of contracting viruses and diseases. Not to mention the countless native animals they kill or injure while they are out roaming around.

Let us help keep your cat and our native wildlife safe and sound by installing a cat containment system.


Oscillot Fence Rollers

These fence rollers are great for enclosing your whole yard and they look good too! Available in colourbond colours they blend in with your fence perfectly. They are designed to spin when your cat tries to jump the fence dropping them back into your yard unharmed. Fast and easily installed they are a great way to keep your cat safe and sound.  


Cat Netting

  Cat netting is a perfect for those small areas like the side of the house or to enclose an outdoor are such as a veranda or pergola.   


Cat Cages

 These can be either free standing and portable or can be fixed in place permanently. With the option to add tunnels you can connect it to another cage or you could connect it to a cat door allowing you cat access to your house as well the options are endless.